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Monday, March 7, 2011

March Post

I've entitled this "March Post" because I'm sure it's the only one I will get around to posting this month. You get a full time job and all your blogging time goes out that window!!
Speaking of a job... I HAVE ONE! I'm currently working at the University of Utah Hospital as a Nutrition Care Associate. I started in early February and man is it a lot of work! They have some amazing benefits and so I know this will be a great place for me to be at for awhile. I hope to take advantage of the 50% off tuition in a few months, if I can fit it in with my work/home life.
Days on go something like this:
5am - Wake Up!
6:10 - If I'm not on the Trax train, I'm screwed, and late!
6:50 - train stops and I RUN to clock in and get into the kitchen
7 - start "podding" the breakfast trays (this is me putting all the items my patients have ordered on their trays and getting them ready to be taken to their rooms).
7-10a- Plating the food, delivering it and getting orders taken (and electronically entered) from each patient. Doing any room service and anything else that might need to be done.
10:15 - get ready for lunch and anything else that might need to be handled. Deliver snacks to various units/clinics/patients. Pick up tray carts from the patient floor.
11 -2 - Pod lunch, get it delivered and take orders for dinner and breakfast
2pm - If I'm lucky, and on time, this is where another SITTING break happens and food and water are inhaled for 30mins
2:30 - more snacks, getting carts, etc
4- Dinner time and a rush to get them delivered and be back down and clocked out by 5:30pm
5:37 - BE ON the Trax train and head home - THIS NEVER HAPPENS. I'm usually still busy with patients at this time or running around in the kitchen. Which means I have to take a later train and do a transfer downtown, getting me home around 7pm. Yes, I work 10hours and put another hour on each side of that (at least) for travel. I'm EXHAUSTED by the time I get home, but Emerson is usually pretty happy to see me, and so is David. I love coming home to them and wish that my days weren't so long, but the work I do is truly, very rewarding. I have some pretty amazing patients and my co-coworkers keep things fun too. As much as I'm running around the time flies by and before I know it we are getting dinner prepared.
My weekly schedule can be all over the place, but with 3 days off a week I use that time to love on Emerson and David and do as little as possible. Today though, my house is BEGGING me to clean it. So, that's what I will go and do... but only until Emerson wakes up from his nap :)

Emerson is doing great! He got his first ear infection last week, but he's trying to be a trooper. He takes lots of naps, which is helping him get over his illness. I love his bright smile and giggly laugh! I will have to take some more pictures of him and get them on here, cause he sure has grown! We go in on Wednesday for his 15month check-up... can you believe it's been that long since he made his arrival! He feels like he's been here forever and yet, not long enough at the same time.

David is still working hard and going to school. With my work schedule his school schedule has kind of been messed up. I feel really bad about this, but he utilizes what time he can to devote to it and hopefully work will slow down soon so he can have some more free time there. With me being gone pretty much all day, on the days I work, he has really stepped up and taken care of everything. He makes sure the dog is fed and walked before work...doing this with a busy 1 year old is hard! Then he gets Emerson to his sitter and himself to work all by 9am. Then picks up Em and takes Nemo for another walk when he gets home and plays with Emerson until I arrive. Dinner is something he hasn't managed to pull off every night, but who can blame him!?! I'm just happy that he's able to do what he can... dinner can be mac and cheese or top ramen for all I care, as long as we are together :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Final Post

I know it's been months since I've updated this thing, so I thought I should get one last post in before the year ends. Here are just some highlights:

EMERSON TURNED ONE!! He was so funny on his birthday and such a cutie. We had him all dressed up for church in his new brown suit. Then we had a cute blue and stripes outfit for his party. We rented out The SugarSpace in Sugar House and just had close family come. He tons of presents and everyone had cake. Such a fun day and I can't believe it was almost a month ago already!! His 1 year stats are as follows. Head - Off the charts big! Weight - 23.5 pounds (55%) and Height - 31 3/4inches (95%). He is tall, healthy and happy... who could ask for more?!?

I lost my job, again. I wasn't completely surprised, but it still hurt when she actually did it. The bakery business just didn't do as well in the first few months that she was hoping and she couldn't afford to keep me on anymore. I still wish the company the best and hope that is does well in 2011. I'm currently filling out and turning in a bunch of applications for other, more established bakeries. I'm hopeful that something turns up...and soon. I'll hang out with Emerson until that does happen so I'll try not to complain too much. :)

DAVID IS STARTING SCHOOL JANUARY FIRST!! I really thought this day would never come. He's tried school in the past and just wasn't happy with it. He got the "bug" a few months ago and has done everything to get started and enrolled by himself. I'm so proud of him! He's going to do great and it's all online so I will help out when I can, if it's ever needed. I think he's pretty excited to be going and I just hope it's as great as he expects it to be. It will be a long haul for him to get his Information Technology/Networking/Computer/etc degree... but it will be so worth it!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Three Generations

Just love this photo and had to share it... Emerson, David and Ron together at Wheeler Farm.

Ok, and this one was also too cute not to share... I just LOVE that smile!!


Emerson's first Halloween... it was so fun! He was a spider and that inspired me to make spider costumes for David and I. He wasn't so fond of the hat he had to wear, so a smile wasn't seen in the family photo... at least he was looking forward though :)

Auntie Brenda stuffing Emerson's pockets full of candy.

The shirt says it all!

Love my baby boy!

The Bakery Is Open!

Yay! The bakery opened on the 25th of October, just over a week ago! I'm so excited to be working there and learning all about the business. We had our Grand Opening on Saturday and here are some pics...

I love this photo, cause that's my Father and Sister-In-Law. They happened to be there when the photographer was there...

Come and visit me when you are in the neighborhood... we are in Sandy at the Quarry Bend Shopping Area.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's been too long...

I never got around to posting a 9 month update on Emerson and next week, he'll be 10 months! I guess I've been busy. Or at least, MY version of busy. I'm still working from home doing data entry and that is going well. I have Emerson go to his sitter 3 times a week and try to pump out as much work as possible in those three days. Also, the bakery is opening next month! That means I'm going to start working on the 16th... crazy! I am so excited and yet, so nervous! I am working on the product brochure in my spare time as well, and that needs to be done soon so we can get it to print. I'm not sure if I will, or can, juggle the two jobs. I'll talk to my data entry friend and see what she wants me to do, and then I'll go from there I guess.

As for Emerson, he's AWESOME! He's got A LOT of attitude lately and shows it by tightening up his body and yelling at the top of his lungs. This usually happens when he doesn't get his way. It's fun, fun, fun!! :) His 9 months stats were as follows: Head: 95th percentile (it's always been big!) Weight: 21lbs 6oz (70th percentile) Height: 30 1/4inches (95th percentile). He is a VERY mobile little baby and so his weight isn't as high, percentile-wise, as it's been in the past. He LOVES to climb up the steps and does it very well. He just needs to learn how to get back down...which, in teaching him this technique he becomes frustrated and just climbs up the steps again. I just love watching him grow and seeing him get curious about different things.

David is getting busier and busier at work, which we expected. He's still considering school in the Spring, which makes me very happy! He's so smart and school will really help him with his current, and future, jobs. It's going to be interesting to see how life will change when I'm working full time again, out of the house, and he's dealing with the crazy busy schedule he's about to embark on in the next months.

We recently bought a Dyson vacuum and it's THE BEST THING EVER! Ok, Emerson is pretty great, Ice Cream is also wonderful, David is fantastic, but I digress... I LOVE THE DYSON! It's sucks, it really SUCKS! Our house has never been so dog-hair free!! This was an investment we've been wanting to do for awhile and we finally broke down and got it on Sunday. I think David spent over an hour straight vacuuming that night, and then again last night for an hour. I did a little bit, but I'll let him have most of the fun... while he still considers it fun!

The sun is still shining! I'm soaking it up as much as possible! Yesterday Em and I went to Gardner Village and just walked around. It was so nice to feel the sun on us. I was thinking about hitting up the zoo today, but we might just go on a walk instead. I'm not feeling as adventurous as yesterday... I love fall and the colors and all... my house is decorated for it. BUT, I am a true SUMMER BABY. I truly enjoy the super hot days and sun burns. I'm not quite ready to give it up, and it seems that Mother Nature isn't going to make me, just yet.

I think that's a pretty good update, for now. I have pictures and other adventures I was going to blog about/post, but grocery shopping is calling my name.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Little Stinker - Baby Butt Spray

Ok, all you moms and dads out there that can't quite stomach the smell of their little bundles stinky bottoms... ORDER THIS PRODUCT!! LITTLE SINKER, BABY BUTT SPRAY It's awesome and really smells wonderful!
David uses it as an air freshener before the diaper is off, during the change if needed and finishes off by using it as a butt soothing spray for Emerson. I love the scent (Lavender Vanilla...can you say YUM!!!?) and Emerson's little bum is now both cute in appearance and pleasant in scent. This is a local UTAH company, so your purchase helps support great people and a great new product. Oh and the best part... you can enter to win an iPod Touch or iPhone 4 from the company, just by making your purchase!! Read about the contest here... SUMMER CONTEST.